Residual Stress Summit 2013


The 2013 Residual Stress Summit will be held at the Hilton Garden Inn, Idaho Falls, USA, October 7-10, 2013.


Tuesday, October 8

Recommended Practices and Future Extensions

Industrial Applications


Wednesday, October 9

Residual Stress in Shipbuilding

Residual Stress Failure Case Studies and Forensics

Extensions and Improvements for Diffraction Techniques


Thursday, October 10

Industrial Applications (cont'd)

Short Updates / Future Thoughts

Summit Closure


Poster Sessions

Equipment Demonstrations


Proceedings from the previous Residual Stress Summits are available

Copies of the proceedings of the previous Residual Stress Summits can be purchased at the Society for Experimental Mechanics online bookstore:

$20 each or $60 for all four. Ships as a CD, with PDF copies of the presentations given by the authors at the Summits.

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