Residual Stress Summit 2017

Residual Stress Round Robins


This page is intended as an information resource for people who are are interested in validating residual stress measurement methods using a Round Robin. From this page, you will be able to view previous data, check the progress of ongoing round robins, and express interest in participating in future endeavors. If you would like to start a round robin using a specific material or residual stress profile, we can help. Contact Mike Steinzig at


Several RS round robins are presently under discussion. Their characteristic features include:

Current round robins include:


Measurement Labs:

Previous Round Robins:

Overview of some common RS measurement methods:

This is a group effort by several workers involved in residual stress measurements. The work is intended to be unbiased and of value to all RS workers, and it is therefore not affiliated with any individual company. In acknowledgment of their contributions, people who volunteer their time in support of this effort will be able to list their company name and capabilities, and a link to their company on this website.

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